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On the Aurora theater shooting

I don’t take a lot of interest in things like this. You show me a school shooting, or some other similar display of public violence, and I don’t typically have much to say on the matter. It’s not that I approve or disapprove, it’s not that I’m trying to be some edgy douchebag and/or don’t give a shit about human lives; it’s just that I don’t find myself particularly shocked by such things.

Having established my usually neutral position on this sort of thing, I’ll go on to say that this shooting really pisses me off. I was raised to love movies, and to this day I think of a movie theater as an awesome place to go and enjoy (hopefully excellent) movies. The midnight showings of movies with large fanbases are the best times to go, because although everyone is dressed up and rowdy, when the film starts, they shut the fuck up and watch it. There’s a solidarity I feel at no other time in theaters, where instead of hating half of the people around me for having shit etiquette, I feel like a part of this big, moviegoing crowd of strangers who are all banding together in the name of enjoying something we’ve all waited a long time for.

Personally, I don’t feel this way about Batman since the fucks I give about DC are very limited, but this holds true for any beloved release with a fanbase of that nature.

Then this motherfucker comes along and not only rolls out tear gas and opens fire in a goddamn movie theater, a place intended for fun and appreciation of films, but he does it at a midnight showing where everyone is feeling their most excited. The midnight showing is the special one, for people who care enough to get in line and wait, to stay up late just for that. Only now, for those people, it’s the one you go to in order to get fucking shot at.

I don’t feel attachment to a lot of places, but movie theaters are one of them. I feel like it takes the worst kind of asshole to shoot people in a movie theater. They’re already distracted by the film, it’s dark, it’s loud, there’s not a lot of room to move around once they’re seated, and they might have their fucking family with them. It would be so easy to pick people off – in a crowded theater you could probably just spray bullets around and still hit plenty of people by chance – and they’d be so out of their element that I feel like it’s one of the lowest, most cowardly damn things I’ve heard of – even when it’s in the ranks of ‘things murderers do with their free time’.

Now he’s been picked up by the cops and we, the general public consisting largely of people who don’t like to shoot up movie theaters, are left to deal with the repercussions of what he did.

Theaters are already talking about banning costumes, which will really fuck up the atmosphere of popular franchise releases and kill a huge, fun tradition for a lot of people.  People are discussing whether or not theaters should implement heavy security including guards, metal detectors and pat-downs, which personally would taint the moviegoing experience for me a lot. Yet another tired rendition of the continuing gun control debate has sprung from this, which always brings people so close together. People are afraid to go to the movies. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that some people are fucking dead for no reason.

Fuck that guy.


3 responses to “On the Aurora theater shooting

  1. Nikki

    Well said. I’m the same way, being very attached to movie theaters. Without a doubt, it’s the place I feel the most comfortable outside of my own home. I think a lot of people might be that way, so for any of them to have that feeling irreversibly ruined is so fucking upsetting.

    It also pisses me off so much that this is re-opening the “blame the movies” argument in terms of real-life violence. People are always so quick to forget the fact that art imitates life, and that *we’re* the source material. Blegh.

    Thanks for writing!

    • I agree completely. I feel as though there’s some social push to ditch accountability for harmful actions and just blame it all on the various forms of media that people like to consume. Video games see the same treatment; it’s always as though these poor, innocent people were seized by the madness of some film or video game and driven to otherwise uncharacteristic, violent actions – instead of the truth, which is that people can be real assholes all on their own, and have been doing it for as long as there have been people on the face of the Earth. Since that’s not something anyone can really do anything about, people look around them for some other explanation that makes them more comfortable and run with that instead.

  2. Donna Lorraine ⋅

    Completely agree with this, I don’t want to have to feel uncomfortable while I’m watching a movie. I don’t want security guards watching my every move, banning me from wearing a costume, or making me run through a metal detector… such bullshit. And for that little girl he shot, a little girl who was probably super excited to be able to stay up and watch a movie with her parents, he can just go straight to hell.

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