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This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius?

Welcome, readers – such as you may be – to my page. I’ve never been good at introductions and that holds true to this day, so let’s forge ahead.
This site has been around since 2005 in varying forms, and I’ve decided to finally fuse it with a blogging site since it’s been text driven for most of its life and would seem to be better served by something like this.

Updates come as they will, or not as the case may be. If you think something about anything, go ahead and let me know if you like. I appreciate feedback.


6 responses to “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius?

  1. Donna Lorraine ⋅

    What happened to all of your other postings? 😦

    • As has happened over time, I decided that the existing content conflicted with the current concept of the site and I’ve removed that from the publicly-facing end of the site. I do have some older content that will go back up – such as a post I wrote about pornography – and that will probably happen this weekend, but a lot of it is just dated at this point and has been laid to rest.

      • Donna Lorraine ⋅

        I’ve been to this site before long and long ago and really liked your post on the “Great” Pornography Debate… I was looking for it to show to one of my co-workers, but it was gooonnnee :(… Lol, oh well, glad you’re thinking of putting it back up, you’re a kick-ass writer.

  2. Wow, that’s awesome. I wasn’t sure anyone really read the site anymore, heh – that was why I moved over to WordPress, to give people the ability to comment and have a distribution base. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the content!

    That article is definitely one of the ones that is worth saving – I’ve just put it back up now, in fact. I had to go through my stuff and find it, which I tried to do yesterday with no success, but now here it is.

    Seriously though, thank you. That makes me feel like the move to WordPress was a good idea, and also makes me want to write more new content.

  3. donnalorrainefarrel ⋅
    If you like food and recipes check out my new blog! 🙂

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